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Makalu Göngustafir


Leki Makalu göngustafir eru með þægilegu Aergon gripi og Speedlock2 stillingarkerfi.  Þeir eru alhliða göngustafir sem veita góðan stuðning.  Seldir í pari. 

The legendary LEKI Makalu has been at the sides of climbers and hikers on their tours since 1974. The classic hiking pole impresses with its comfortable AERGON Thermo Grip and intuitive Speed Lock 2 Adjustment System, which provide impeccable performance on the mountain. The shaft, made from aluminium HTS 6.5, provides great stability and makes the LEKI Makalu your robust companion for all tours.

Lengd: 110-145cm stillanlegir
Þyngd: 255g stykkið
Efni: HTS 6.5 ál

SPEED LOCK 2: Extremely fast adjustment of the pole length. 30% smaller, 25% lighter and 20% higher holding force as SL1.

DYNAMIC SUSPENSION SYSTEM: Reduction of the peak impacts by approx. 40% thus protecting muscles, joints and ligaments


Edgeless and ultralight Aergon Thermo grip for a comfortable fit in every hand.