Metcon 9 æfingaskór |

Metcon 9 æfingaskór


Whatever your "why" is for working out, the Metcon 9 makes it all worth it. We improved on the 8 with a larger Hyperlift plate and added rubber rope wrap. Sworn by some of the greatest athletes in the world, intended for lifters, cross-trainers and go-getters, and still the gold standard that delivers day after day.

Tougher and stronger

We made the Hyperlift plate in the heel even bigger for stability when tackling tough workouts like Split Squats, Dead Lifts and other lower-body exercises. The plate helps force weight down and out while adding rigidity in the heel. That firmness helps you feel grounded and supported, specifically under heavier loads.

Secure feel

The lace-lock system attaches to the shoe tongue, so you don't have to worry about latching it to any fabric. It helps keep your laces in place, so once you tie up, you can focus solely on your workout.

Go to the top

We extended the rubber wrap on the side for durability and support so that you can scale any kind of rope climb with the same repeated velocity without worrying about wear and tear. It stretches from the midsole to the upper and adds some support in the upper for multi-directional movements.

Durable and cool

The lightweight, breathable mesh helps keep your foot cool yet sports the kind of durability that can withstand scrapes, slashes and quick-drag movements.

Feel the foam

A dual-density midsole—firm foam on the outside, soft foam on the inside—provides responsive cushioning for lasting comfort for continuous cardio and movements.

More benefits

  • A full-rubber outsole provides durable traction for dynamic movements like Cleans and Walking Lunges.
  • Breathable textile has a haptic print, which creates a 3D effect that adds durability and texture, helping make it easier to keep your shoes clean. It also provides flexible, durable support in the toe area so, when your toes splay when lifting heavy weights, it won't feel restrictive.