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Zelt Como 6.0 Fjölskyldutjald


High Peak Como 6.0 6 manna fjölskyldutjald með 3000 mm vatnsúlu. 

The Como 6.0 nimbus gray from High Peak is suitable for use in moderate terrain . The special features of the tent include 2 separate sleeping areas . For trips with several parties, this offers the possibility of sleeping separately. In addition, several separate areas make it easier for you to keep things tidy by using a separate cabin for luggage. The Como 6.0 is therefore also ideal as a base camp for expeditions, hiking tours or as a fixed starting point on vacation. One of the notable features of the tent is a weight of 9 kg, which is easy to carry for the higher capacity. It is therefore designed for hiking and traveling where light luggage is important, such as cycling tours. However, the tent weight does not reach the weight values ??of a 1- or 2-person tent.

  • 2 sleeping areas
  • weatherproof thanks to waterproof outer materials
  • Tent portable due to its light weight