Phantom Luna II Academy FG/MG takkaskór |

Phantom Luna II Academy FG/MG takkaskór


Looking to take your game to the next level? The Phantom Luna 2 Academy helps put you in prime position in front of the net, whether you're the organiser, assister or finisher. The rest is up to you. Created with goals in mind, NikeSkin covers the striking area of the boot, while Nike Cyclone 360 traction helps guide your unscripted agility.

Amplified touch

We've expanded the NikeSkin touch zone from the previous version. This brings your foot even closer to the ball for better control while dribbling and passing in wet or dry conditions. It covers the striking area of the boot, stretching from the big-toe side all the way across the laces to the pinky toe, allowing clean boot-to-ball kicks.

Quick traction

The Nike Cyclone 360 traction pattern helps you make quick (improved agility when making cuts) and confident (helps reduce rotational traction) movements, so you can cut with speed while feeling fully secure when the game's intensity turns up.

Fit for the pitch

The anatomical mesh cuff offers soft comfort around your ankle and heel. Subtle ribs in the cuff allow for ball contact higher up the ankle in trapping and passing.

Product details

  • For use on natural and synthetic surfaces
  • Cushioned insole