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Motiva æfingaskór


The Nike Motiva helps you step through whatever the day brings, at your pace. Its uniquely patterned outsole and exaggerated rocker combine to give you a super-smooth, cushioned and comfortable ride. This means you can walk, jog or run comfortably and come back for your next leisurely stroll confidently. It gives you optimal support for your every move, every day.

All the Grooves

Comfortgroove innovation, a uniquely patterned outsole that makes every day an extra soft ride, absorbs the bumps along the way. It creates a sort of piston effect, which allows the foam to compress a little bit more, giving you that extra cushion needed to offset ground contact stride after stride.

Rocks All Ways

The exaggerated rocker on the outsole helps propel you forward and make every step you take as smooth as possible.

All the Durability

No matter how you move, the Nike Motiva is made to last. The generative outsole pattern provides durability and traction while on the go—taking you all the way.

More Benefits

  • Soft foam waterfall collar hugs around the ankle and heel for comfort.
  • 1/2-inner sleeve helps you get the shoe on and off with ease. It also helps reduce rubbing during your workout.
  • Widened forefoot, arch and toe box provide a comfortable fit when you're on the go.

Product Details

  • Not intended for use as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)