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Gramicci buxur


Gramicci's innovative line of pants was created in the 1980s, delivering all the features climbers were looking for thanks to the company's climbing experience. These climbing pants are the ladies' version of the Gramicci Pants that crowns this brand name. Not too snug for a grunge look and compared to the men's version, it has a smarter silhouette. Therefore, these urban-style pants have no gusset crotch. Made with Gramicci's classic Organic Twill Cotton, they are robust enough to stand up to intense movement, while their colors bring a sense of style and vibe. This classic Organic Twill Cotton material is synonymous with Gramicci. Garment dye is added after the piece of clothing creating unique, visual textures and deep colors. Garment dyeing produces a rich variety of colors like no other in the world of textiles. Gramicci's Cotton Twill is highly durable and keeps its shape well. It requires only simple day-to-day care, making it the perfect material for everyday use.


  • Made from Organic Twill Cotton - Cotton 100% 
  • Easy-adjust waistband with integrated belt and buckle 
  • Zip fly with two side seam pockets and two back welt pockets
  • Loose silhouette around waist and thighs 
  • Tapered from knee to bottom
  • No gusset crotch for women's pants
  • Inseam 29"