Cobra Edge Swipe sundgleraugu |

Cobra Edge Swipe sundgleraugu


Elevate your game with our Cobra Edge Swipe Mirror Goggles. Our newest goggle will boost your performance with enhanced upward and side vision, giving you the advantage of superior visual awareness during your race. The innovative temple shape ensures a stable and secure fit as you dive, turn and swim at full speed. Kitted out with Swipe anti-fog, experience clear vision 10 times longer than with other goggles. Plus the lenses offer more eyelash space without affecting the glide that Cobra goggles are known for. Mirrored lenses are ideal for cutting down the glare in brightly lit pools or for swimming outdoors. Personalize your race look with your favourite colour lenses!

Created for precision and hydrodynamic performance in the water.

Special anti-fog technology that can be reactivated by simply swiping the lenses under water for long-lasting clear vision.

Engineered for superior glide in the water.