AF-Hyperboom Muscleback Sundbolur |

AF-Hyperboom Muscleback Sundbolur


Speedo Hyperboom  Muscleback kvenna sundbolur, þvílíkt flottur og þægilegur sundbolur sem hentar einstaklega vel í allar sundferðir. 


  • Klórþolið efni sem endist lengur en hefbundið sundfataefni
  • Mjúkt og teygjanlegt

Make a statement in Boom logo prints. Celebrating the Speedo brand, this sporty Muscleback features flattering shaped side panel splices of our ‘shattered’ Boom logo print in striking shades of grey and black. The muscleback design and medium leg offer flexibility and freedom of movement, so you can rock your workout in comfort. Designed to be durable and better for the environment, the suit features our new ECO Endurance+ fabric, which is 100% chlorine resistant, quick-drying and made from 50% recycled materials.

Features and Benefits
  • Muscleback design - offers flexibility and freedom of movement, so you can swim in comfort
  • 100% chlorine resistance - for long lasting performance
  • Quick dry - dries faster after your swim workout
  • 50% recycled - one of the yarns is made from 100% post-consumer waste, such as recycled plastic bottles