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185 Rock'N'Wool Ullarbuxur


Ortovox Men's 185 Rock'N'Wool Long Pants Afar mjúkar og hlýjar ullar buxur fyrir karlmenn úr hágæða merino ulli sem kláðalaust er. Ullar buxurnar hjálpa til að halda líkamanum þurrum með því að draga raka að sér. 

Versatile, comfortable pants in pure merino wool for winter tours.


  • Extremely soft thanks to its 19-micron wool fibers
  • Moisture and temperature regulating
  • Odor neutralizing

Efni: 100% virgin wool (OWP-MERINO)

Our 185 ROCK'N'WOOL LONG PANTS for men are extra soft and keep you warm when the weather gets cold and the going gets tough thanks to their fine merino wool.

Freeriding starts with the first layer of clothing, as this layer is crucial for functionality. The long pants is made of 100% fine merino wool with a fineness of 19 microns. It feels comfortable on the skin and ensures an optimum climate thanks to its temperature and moisture-regulating qualities.

Our classic also has a brand new look: The split design and fresh colors with multi-colored twisted yarn and on-trend waistband reflect the multi-faceted nature of your winter adventures. The 185 ROCK'N'WOOL LONG PANTS for men are an absolute must for any freeride!


  • Fine 19 micron fiber diameter
  • Fine merino wool, 185 g/m²
  • Itch-free and comfortable to wear
  • Tasmanian Merino