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Protect Wipes


Crep Protect Wipes 12 Pack Þvíhliða þurrkur fyrir óhreina strigaskó þegar þú ert á ferðinni. 


The ultimate on-the-go sneaker care product. Crep Protect Wipes are individually wrapped, locking in the exclusive cleaning solution that helps to clean dirt, marks, and stains.

The dual sided wipe means double the surface are for cleaning; tackle stubborn dirt and marks with the textured side, and wipe away grime and stains with the smooth side. Durable wipe won‘t fall apart during even the toughest of cleans, and handy sizing means these wipes are perfect for travel bags, gym bags, suitcases and more.

How to

  • Tear open the sachet and remove the wipe
  • Choose your texture – smooth or spotted
  • Use the smooth side for general cleaning. Use the textured side for tougher stains and midsoles of the sneakers
  • Sneakers are ready to be worn straight after cleaning – no need to wait for drying time!